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Safe Harbors Indigenous Collective is an arts initiative that focuses on the development and production of Indigenous Performing Arts in NYC.

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We seek to build an understanding of Native American methodologies in performance that in turn will function as a cultural liaison to non-Native theatre artists in the City. The more successful we are in engaging these populations, the closer we hope to be to creating truly cross-cultural lines of communication.


Our Mission.

Safe Harbors focuses on the development and production of Native Theater and Performing Arts in New York City within the broader American theater; we combat stereotypes and support vibrant Native communities. We develop ongoing dialogue with Policymakers about the approach to cultural and socioeconomic issues using Theatrical performances, Performing Arts, Native Cultural Consultancy, panel discussions, and Cultural Events.

Theatrical Performance

Performing Arts

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Theatrical Performance


Performing Arts


Cultural Consultancy


Panel Discussions

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      Manhattan has always been a gathering and trading place for many Indigenous peoples, where Nations intersected from all four directions since time immemorial.  It was a place to gather and sometimes to seek refuge during times of conflict and struggle.  We pay respect to all of their ancestors past, present, to their future generations. We acknowledge that our work, is situated on the island of Manhattan (Menohhannet – On the Island) traditional lands of the Munsee Lenape, the  Canarsie, Unkechaug, Matinecock, Shinnecock, Reckgawanc and the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. We respect that many Indigenous people continue to live and work on this island and acknowledge their ongoing contributions to this area.